Bedhampton Parish

Here's how to get involved!

We believe that we function best as a church when we are all using our gifts to serve God. There are many ways to do this and we are always delighted when people discover new gifts or offer the gifts they have. There are many ways to give to the life of the parish - whether on a Sunday as part of an act of worship, or during the week in a group or pastoral capacity. We welcome what people can bring to the life of this parish as it makes our journey together so much deeper and richer.

Vicki & Pete serving coffee at St Nick's

If you would like to make St Thomas or St Nicholas your church, here are suggestions to help you feel at home and get involved in our church life :

  • Invite the Rector for a chat in your home or at the Rectory - find out more about the life of the church
  • Join one of our group activities and get to know a few church members
  • Offer your skills or experience in one of the many ministries of the church
  • Explore a ministry that you have never been involved with before
  • Get involved in the prayer life of the church through the regular prayer meetings and prayer diary
  • Explore your creative side through art; music, drama; poetry; dance; visuals; social media
  • Help support the ministry of the church financially

There may be a ministry that you can join or something that you are passionate about!