Bedhampton Parish

What is Prayer?

Our former Rector David Proud writes "the simplest definition of prayer is that it is a conversation with our heavenly Father God.  This involves talking but also listening.  There are many ways to pray but the easiest way is just to use our own words to express what we want to say to God - we don't have to use special language.  Here in Bedhampton Parish we believe that prayer is important in three ways. 

  • It helps us deepen our relationship of love with God our Father.  It is hard to have a loving relationship with someone you don't spend time with, talking to and listening to. 
  • It has the power to change the situations we pray about.  God answers prayer, and loves to do so. 
  • It has the power to change us.  The more time we spend with God, the more we understand of his loving nature, and the more we start to reflect it in our own lives.

We believe that praying together is important because it brings us together in unity as we agree about the things we pray for ("Amen", which we often say at the end of a prayer, means "I agree").  Getting together to pray has a powerful effect.  

Prayer can be many things - for example, saying thank you to God, praising Him, saying sorry to Him, asking for things to be done, or seeking help and direction.  It can be informal or formal, contemporary or traditional, silent or spoken, verbal or sung in form.  "

Read about David Proud's "Boiler Room" here, and don't worry, if the words sound familiar, it's not a financial scam!